Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Womans Best Friend

I got my first dog when I was about to turn 22 years old. Growing up I wanted a dog so bad! I would find strays and bring them home, name them, feed them hot dogs and plan a perfect time to beg my parents to keep them! The one I remember the most was "Snowball" I was probably 8-10 yrs old and he was a yellow/white lab...? I tied him up to the tree in the front yard and played with him for a while until I went inside for a planned "I want a dog" intervention on my mom. My family were not fans of animals at the time. My mom thought he would dig up all of her rose bushes and poop all over the yard and I wouldn't clean it up. Little to say, we didn't get to keep snowball or any other dogs after that.
After I graduated college I got I was able to move get my own apartment all to myself. Soon after moving in I realized... I'm not at my parents house, I'm not in a dorm, I don't have roommates..... I CAN GET A DOG OF MY OWN! So I searched high and low until I found the perfect little puppy. Sadie! She is my little girl. Its amazing how much you can love a dog, I can't imagine how much parents love their children! About a year later a got Sadie a friend and of course he had to be a boy (my husband -fiance at the time) wanted a MAN DOG! So along came Rocky to join the family. He's about twice the size of Sadie, but she is definitely the boss.
If any of you have great pictures of you with your dogs or just the puppies by themselves, send them in cuz I would LOVE to see them. Maybe I could do a doggie montage. =)

...Time for a walk

Rocky in the Garden (left). And Sadie & Me.

They've learned to start posing for the camera.... its a little bizarre.

Sadie sleeping, her favorite hobby.

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