Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 09...Anthropologie Catalog

Every time I get a new anthropologie catalog in the mail, I do a little (Yipppyyyyy!!!) dance. I wait for the perfect time and get all comfy to flip through it. Yes, there's a strategy to get the most enjoyment out of a catalog. I don't even look at prices anymore, too depressing. =) But it is GREAT inspiration. I thought I should share with you some of the joy I get when I flip through the pages. Here are some of my favorite layouts...

I LOVE the tea set in this picture. The white and blue china looks awesome with the pink roses on the tea cup.
And isn't that a unique slipcover for a couch? ;)

I've yet to meet an anthropologie curtain that I didn't like.

The shoe light fixture... so creative. Realized, this could be awesome in a great walk-in closet. =)

I bet in heaven, it rains shoes like this...

And there it is folks, my favorite catalog ever! Its such an exciting time to get a new catalog in the mail. Its like you get to peek into other peoples houses and closets. I also love getting pottery barn's and west elm's. What are some of YOUR favorite catalogs that you just can't wait to flip through?

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  1. Great post! So sad that we don't have Anthropologie in Australia, it all looks so beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful comments. Meredith xo.


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