Friday, July 31, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the Cabinet

Our bathroom was a hot mess when we moved in with wallpaper window trim, 70's linoleum and wood all over...

and its still not that great (we're not done yet)... but on our extreme budget its not too bad
I pained the vanity a deep brown and I'm really over it I think. I wanted to paint it black and distress it a bit (maybe still do). Kind of like the Laylas kitchen cabinets from TheLetteredCottage:BUT then I saw this vanity:

I have never seen mirrored cabinets, and I really like them. I could get some glass cut to fit the recessed area of the cabinets for pretty cheap. Although I have really plain off white square tiles on top, that wouldn't look very glamorous. Anyway... just a thought.


  1. I've never seen mirrored cabinets either. Very unique and cool, I think. Your bath in its previous state was a typical standard bath. You've really spruced it up and made it look stylish. Great job!


  2. Makes me want to redo my bathrooms again. You didn't want to keep the wallpaper trim ;o)

  3. Karli I think it looks beautiful! You guys have done a lot to the room. I wonder if you could distress the brown at all... I guess I just love the brown.

  4. love the mirrors.. great idea!!

  5. how about using that beadboard wallpaper on the bottom portion of the painted wall??


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