Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stairway to Heaven

I was blown away by Centsational Girl's recent and ohhhh so amazing stairway transformation. I can not believe what a difference it made. My jaw (very literally) dropped open when I saw this after picture! I have to share this with you, so you can be just as inspired as I was. I only wish I had a staircase to vamp us. Like I need another project. Half my house is in the middle or beginning, or still hasn't even begun a project. Anyways, Kate is amazing...

So head over to Centsational Girl and tell Kate Hi!

I just couldn't get enough of cool stairs so I had to give you some more, I'm a lil OCD like that. I don't know why I have this new fascination with stairs because I dont have any! But anyways, for those of you that do here are some other great ideas...

Just for fun and a little trippy (get it, trippy- like you will trip...Ok too much I know).
.... don't walk down these after a glass of wine!
image from Freshhome.com

image from asaptucson.com

image from sunset.com

The diy'er decoupaged photos of her family on the stair pattern. Truly making a house a home.
images found at apartmenttherapy.com source: Melissa of Sugar City Journal.

A painted runner in a pretty blue. And I LOVE the light fixture.

image from apartmenttherapy.com

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  1. WOW what an amazing staircase transformation!! I love what she did with the railing and banister.. it's so elegant and classy. Gives me warm fuzzies :) Thanks for visiting my blog! You asked about the preppy polkadot wine glasses- yes she makes them herself by hand and she does some really great work! Her name is Angela, check out her store at www.thepreppypolkadot.com
    Have a great weekend!!


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