Tuesday, August 25, 2009

$1 Robins Egg Water Dish

I was at Salvation Army the other day and found this great little piece of pottery stamped "Santa Anita Ware" Made in California. It is the prettiest blue with brown little speckles just like a robins egg. And nothing is ever "made in California", so that was awesome - hey I've gotta support my home state.
Since it was only $1, it came home with me.

I googled "Santa Anita Ware" and found the following info on this site: "Santa Anita Pottery began around 1939 in Los Angeles, California and ceased operations sometime in the late 1950s/early 1960s. I have pieces from eight of their patterns. For some reason, this manufacturer is harder to find."

I doubt its worth much, but it was fun to find out some background on the maker.

I keep my dogs food and water outside, but I figured this could be their inside water dish.

I think Sadie likes it... even though she looks totally sad and depressed in this picture. Soo cute.


  1. Aw! Sadie is so sweet. (I'm a doxie-owner too.)

    Love the blue dish and so cool learning the history. :)


  2. that's the fiesta in your roots!


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