Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nickname in Pictures

So I'm confessing some of the childhood (and sometimes adulthood) nicknames that have been thrown my way.
Although this first one isn't a true "nickname" as much as a phrase that I've heard too many times...
Keep in mind, I'm only 5'10"!

This was definitely the most common one...
And of course I got Amazon Woman more times than I could count.

Being only two inches shorter than I am now, this is how I felt in Jr. High...

image found at mistborn

Whats are some of the "nicknames" you got called? Or maybe still do.


  1. those are only the negative nicknames, you were also called the sweetness in the middle of the oreo, carls, many other nice ones. and btw you're 5' 10 1/2", remember on the volleyball rosters it would say 5'11"?? i only WISH i had your heigth!! that's what you get for having a gorgeous 6'5" dad!!

    your short (5'6") momma

  2. I am covered in freckles...so I was called "speckled trout" a time or two by a boy who was my friend in high school...kinda of a weird term of endearment!lol

    But the ones i've had the longest were given to me by my mom & sister. Mom's name for me was originally Pookumrose, over time it was shortened to Pooky.

    The nickname my sister gave me came from her just running my name, Charlotte, together saying it so fast that it sounded like Chott (or shot)it has morphed over time to Chottsy... a twist on the German "Schatzi" that means sweetheart.

    too much info??? sorry, but you asked...so i rambled!

    My husband calls me Sweetpea or Baby. My daughter calls me Mama.

    But everyone else calls Charlotte. Never shortened it to Char.

  3. My daughter is 5'10" and has always loved being tall. I don't think she was ever teased for it because there were so many other girls in her class who were the same heigth or taller.

    I've had so many nicknames in my life, I can hardly remember them all! Most of them were really stupid. I mean, cute ones are ok...but the dumb ones are annoying. I've been called: nanky, nance romance, bird legs and many others. My husband has called me "mouse" and "punky" over the years. It's weird as a 50 yo being called "punky"!!!


  4. Oh Karli. I'm 5'10" too. And all the nicknames are the same... along with many a bigfoot joke. Erg.

  5. okay, my paternal grandpa "gaw" called me ROB, no one else ever called me that. in school they called me webbers bread (kids are so original) and beak because of my name and my big nose (got THAT fixed :) don't want to think about the negative names. my favorite name is mommy!! my next favorite name will be gma!! :)

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