Saturday, September 5, 2009

Does anybody have the time? I do.

Guess whats new...
My wall clock! I'm really excited about it. Its funny how a $12.99 purchase can give a girl so much satisfaction. ;)
The hardest part was where to put it in my house. It was one of those things that could have gone in so many places and fit well. But I think he found the perfect resting spot, he kind of visually separates the living area from the dining area. Which needed to be done.

It needed AA batteries, and we were all out. So for about 3 days it was 6:40 on one side and almost 6:50 on the other.


  1. That wall clock is just gorgeous!
    Happy day!

  2. I want one! You are right, it is the perfect divider of the two areas.

  3. That's a great price! Hannah and I saw some standing clocks on clearance at Gordman's today and I wanted one so bad, but didn't know where I'd put it. Yours is too neat!


  4. it looks great!

    funny thing is, i fell in love with a clock just like this from pottery barn about 4 years ago... i could never find a spot for it so it just sits in its box in my garage, never used.

    you are inspiring me to want to put mine up. i just need to figure out where!

  5. I have seen a lot of clocks in my life Karli and that one is amazing!
    We have Marilyn Monroe portraits in our apt. and every once in a while it brings me back to freshman year ;) Just thought I'd share.


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