Monday, September 7, 2009

To Faux or Not to Faux

How do you feel about fake fruit, or vegetables too I guess?

I am not a big fan of fake flowers, but I'm kind of on the fence with fruit. Sometimes I see fake fruits & veggies and it looks cheap, but sometimes it looks super cute! Am I cheesey, is fake fruit okay? I'd love to see some of your examples.

My little faux green apples that I love.


  1. if they look sooo real you cant tell, i like them! your apples looks real! they are cute!

  2. My grandparents had a bowl of fake fruit on the table when I was growing up. It was horribly fake and I can't help but think of their sorry bowl every time I see fake fruit now. It is nice to think of them, but no matter how well it is done, I don't like it for my home.

    The bonus is that living in California, we really have no need for the fake stuff. We can and do have a bowl of the real stuff all year round.

  3. LOVE faux! just make sure your guests know they're not real! had a party w/friends a couple of weeks ago and made sangria, one girl picked up fruit in a basket on the bar to help me put in sangria and i said, oh no that's not real! :)

    also, once at hodels i was speaking at a women's bible study conference and nervously picked up a frosted grape in the centerpiece and put it in my mouth, fake! :)

  4. Karli,

    It's funny that you just commented on my blog and I was just surfing yours! I agree with 'Mom', as long as you let guest know that they are faux, then you're fine. I like them too!

  5. I have some faux pumpkins that I can't resist making prettier. ;)

    And I've used faux lemons in an apothecary jar for summer. And in the fall I use sugared/glittered fruit. :)

  6. I love faux fruit! In the right setting, of course. It looks lively and festive, but doesn't rot and has no fruit flies.

    And thanks for the ideas for my porch! I think I'm going to use a few :)


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