Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Hall Makeover: Part 1

My poor hall has been a blank, ugly slate since March, when we moved in. It was painted a pink toned beige and all of the trim was a yellowish white. About a month ago, I painted our hall a gray toned khaki color. I got the paint for free from my parents who gave me a gallon that was left over from painting their new rental property they flipped. I also painted all the trim and doors "ready made white" from Glidden. It sat for a few weeks just empty and freshly painted, begging to be decorated. I wasn't sure what to do in there, and didn't have much of a budget to work with. So on a $50 budget I redid the whole hall...

I decided to break my hall makeover into two parts. Today I'll show you just one end of the hall, because the next section is going to be a bit longer. Unfortunately (yet not surprisingly) I forgot to take a "before" shot before I painted the hall. But I did take one before putting up the new wall decor.

I found this scroll wall decor (I guess you can call it that...?) from my moms old friend who was re-doing her decor. It was cracked on the bottom and was a blue/grey/brown color- very Tuscan looking. I kept it in a spare bedroom for about a month and thought about getting rid of it. It just wasn't my style at all. Then, *light bulb* I thought to spray paint it pure white and make a little shelf out of it.  I had a picture in a gold/wooden frame, with a soft pink flower and butterfly, very botanical looking. I loved the print when I saw it at T.J. Maxx and knew it had to go home with me. I didn't have a place for it, so it hung out in my bedroom for a while, waiting for a new home. I decided to put them together and make a cozy little spot in my hall. So this came to be...


The "H", I purchased at Michaels craft store for $1.99 and spray painted it black. Then I borrowed the topiary and candle from my living/dining room.


;) Did anyone else notice that the candle goes "off" and "on" throughout this post? Half way through taking a couple shots, I thought it would be cute to light the candle, then arranged the pictures in a non-sequential layout. Whoops.

I'm pricing this part of the hall at $1.99 because I already had everything besides the "H". None of these items were intended to go in the hall when purchased. I think it counts like that...?

In a few days I'll show you my favorite part of the hall, and by far the most work. Here is a sneak preview (well where I got my inspiration from):

 See ya' soon for Part 2 of the $50 hall makeover. 


  1. You really have some fab projects going on. That column is just so pretty, and how exciting to see one of your pieces in its new home! About boy or girl, we'll know in a month! November 16!

  2. Great job!! What a statement this project makes in your hallway! Beautiful touch!

    Tiffany @ Mine Are Spectacular!


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