Monday, November 30, 2009

Deck the Halls...

The day after Thanksgiving I woke up with an extra pep in my step. Maybe it was all the good food and slept I got, but I think it was because I knew it was the day. The day we were going to pick out the "perfect" Christmas tree (under $30 that is). Okay, maybe that was a tad dramatic, but I was very excited to get our first full size Christmas tree. Last Christmas was our first Christmas being married and we were saving for our first house. We decided to opt again buying a Christmas tree. Ryan's mom surprised us with a mini tree. I was happy to have a tree in our 500 sq foot apartment. It was a great Christmas. But this year we decided we wanted to large tree to go in front of the big window in our living/dining room. We didn't want to spend much though. First thing Black Friday morning, for us that was 10:00 am - yeah we slept way in. We headed down to a local tree lot where the trees were "fresh from the farm". MAN! Trees are expensive. We wanted a 6 ft Noble Fir, but we were looking at about $50-60 bucks. Ohhh heck no thank you. I remembered seeing some signs at Lowes, so we headed there instead. It was a nice surprise. We got what we wanted and for only $29! I'm tellin' ya.... head to Lowes. They didn't have a HUGE selection, but they had good prices and good trees.

It was fun watching Ryan fit the tree into truck (with back seats folded in) of a Honda Accord. Once we got it home, we had the hardest time trying to get our old stand to make it stand up right. We had many laughs looking at a crooked tree. And then after a gigantic water spill all over the hardwood floors, we finally got it in place. I think its still a little crooked but we don't care at this point.

I put a beach towel under the tree stand in case I over water it again. Then I pulled out my box'o'ornaments including the Hallmark series collection I've had starting in 1991. I was in kindergarten and my mom took me to Hallmark and let me pick out a series that was starting that year. I chose Puppy Love. I always loved dogs, and I was secretly hoping if I chose Puppy Love - I would get a puppy for Christmas. =)



  1. So pretty!! I want to get my tree but were gonna have to wait another week cuz were going out of town. Oh well i guess it'll just be fresher and it'll be less time for my son to break all my ornaments! lol

  2. It looks beautiful Karli! And I love the ornaments hanging from the chandelier (and gorgeous chandelier!)
    Love to you and yours,

  3. Your tree turned out beautiful, I love all the red on the tree and throughout your home. I laughed when I read your post because we bought our tree from Lowes this year too and was so excited about the price, I'd never gotten a tree so cheap! Happy Holidays!

  4. pk @ Room Remix
    The tree looks so pretty! I love the look of a real tree - comparatively mine looks pretty fake (because it is :-)).

  5. Everything looks beautiful, Karli!!! Congrats on your tree, so pretty! Totally laughing at your story, Paul and I fight every year when we put ours up over the stupid old school tree stand we have that always takes like 5 tries to get the tree to stay upright and straight:)

  6. Your christmas decor looks fab! I love the ornaments on your chandy. So cute.

  7. I love a real tree!
    The bow on top is perfect, and I lurve the ornaments you hung from the chandelier.


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