Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Family Member...

Don't get too excited... its another dog! Now that we have a house and a backyard we wanted to get a "big" dog. I had been going to the SPCA to search out for a Golden Retriever that needed rescuing. I didn't have any luck. After a few months of looking and finding no golden's,  I was walking out of the shelter and overheard a conversation. An elderly couple had found a dog on the highway, she was almost hit by a car so they snatched her up. They put an ad in the paper trying to find her home, or any home for that matter. After 3 days they brought her into the SPCA, but the lady at the front desk said the SPCA was full and they could not take any more dogs at this time. The couple seemed upset because they were unable to keep her or find her a home. They didn't want to put her down, so has soon as I heard "put down" I yelled out "I'll take her!" The SPCA worker seemed shocked and said "Wow, what great timing." So I took her home and she has become a great addition to our family. She is sooo sweet and just wants to cuddle all the time. However... we just got grass in our backyard after months of dealing with dirt, and shes a digger! I have giant holes all over my backyard. So if anyone knows how to handle that - I'd love some advice.  But she's so beautiful and sweet I can't part with her. We named her Maggie and its weird how you can tell that she is grateful to have a home. Dogs are so great, aren't they?

This rug you see... yeah- she chewed sections of the green part up! I think she still has some puppy in her.
So that is the story of how Maggie came to be a Hearron. =)


  1. I love her!! She's adorable. We just rescued a golden doodle named Oscar about 2 months ago and he couldn't be a better fit for us. We got him for free and in his year and a half of life he'd been with 5 other families besides us. Broke my heart and I really wanted a golden doodle because I'm allergic to the shedding hair and this is the golden without the shedding. Perfect combo. Congrats on the new addition!!

  2. Awww what a cutie! We have found that if our dogs get a nice long walk every day, they are less destructive than when they don't get a walk. Good luck and keep us posted!

  3. Congrats!! Trying to talk my husband into letting me have a dog.... I think I have a better chance in convincing him to have a baby!

  4. So exciting... Maggie is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too. ~Samuel Butler, Notebooks, 1912

  5. We have the same chewing problem - we adopted Rosie from the humane society, they told us she was 3 1/2 (I think she's younger)...
    I don't know how Rosie decides what her next victim will be - she's chewed on Raye's new shoes, down comforters, nylabones (we're on our 2nd), stress balls, towels, etc...

    I bought her a Kong (and the treats you put in it) thinking it will keep her busy - well, it does...but not all day long.

    I think she gets bored - I can't help her with that...LOL

    She's very cute! Congrats!!

  6. What a sweet story! She's adorable and lucky to have such a great home.

  7. My daddy used to tinkle in the backyard to keep our labs from digging up the grass. He was marking his territory and he swore it worked. Congratulations on your new baby! She is beautiful!


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