Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update on my Wreath

NOW they are how I want them. My earlier post today I wrote about my book wreaths that came out "too round", not chunky, jagged enough. I didn't notice how much they were not what I wanted until I wrote that post and saw back to my inspiration photos. So tonight while watching Law & Order SVU I pulled apart 2 of my old wreaths. I needed an exacto knife for most of it. Then I re-glued them furher away from the center circle. Much better!!! Sorry about these photos... I did them on the quick with my iphone and its dark now at 11:30pm!




  1. I like them both!
    I LOVE that pillow and the chair!

  2. I like them better after you made the changes! They look more jaggy and imperfect..which is how I roll! Great job lady!


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