Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crafty Can

I received a couple emails about my "No. 5" kitchen utensil can. One reader, Laura, guessed it! It was just a coffee can with burlap and paint. Cheapest craft I've ever done, since I already had everything laying around. This old coffee can sat in my backyard full of clothes pins, until one day when I busted out the burlap and glue gun.

I loosely stole the idea from these Pottery Barn cans...

Pottery Barn
I cut out a burlap scrap with 5 extra inces for the bottom and inside....
Applied hot glue to a section of the can....
Once the sides were complete, I pleated the bottom and glued it to the can.
I did the same inside, with less pleating.
Then I used tracing paper to copy a the "No. 5" that I wrote up on a Word document. I just messed with the size and font until I found what I liked. Then I traced in onto some black craft paper that I had and cut out the stencil with an exacto knife.
I taped the home-made stencil onto the can and painted in on with some 99 cent acrylic craft paint. Thats it folks. Easy Peasy.

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  1. It might be cheap to make but it looks really cool.

  2. No WAY! Too easy...LOVE it! Totally copying it today!

  3. Love this Karli, simple and so effective!

  4. Love the texture, so unusual in a utensil caddy.

  5. I just came across your blog today and I'm already in love! Your kitchen looks beautiful. My husband and I will be building a home this summer and we've talked about having a ceiling similar to your tin (maybe tin?) walls. Can you tell me about them or do you have a blog post where I can read up on it?? In the meantime, I'm off to read some more of your fab blog posts!!

  6. Very cute! It reminds me of the centerpieces I made for my wedding reception. I took empty coffee cans, covered them in white contact paper, made a criss cross pattern on the top with tape, filled half full with water & then popped in my white roses. I tied a ribbon that matched my bouquet around it for color. They were simple, cheap & gorgeous.

  7. I have to copy this! So easy and yet so stylish! 2 of my favorite things!

  8. Fantastic! Love your tin backsplash too.

  9. That is so cute!!! If you have not already -- check out someday crafts -- she has a "can" party today -- you would fit right in!!

  10. Hi there,
    This is my first time at your blog and LOVE this project!! Girl after my own heart! I have a bolt of burlap sitting in my basement (at $2 a yard, lol) SCREAMING for a project like this!! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  11. What a GREAT idea! As others said, I love the texture, but I also love the price tag. Just perfect.

  12. Wow this is a fabulous idea! Such a simple update and looks amazing! Would love to have you stop by The Sunday Showcase Party if you get a chance! Thanks so much for sharing! Great inspiration!


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