Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get rid of that cottage cheese!

No, unfortunately I don't mean the cottage cheese on my thighs... I mean the nasty stuff on my ceiling. It's GONE! All GONE! Yay, yay, yay...I am now performing the happy dance! For some odd reason our bedroom and only our bedroom had a popcorn ceiling. Well after over a year of waking up to look at that nasty texture I decided it was time to take care of it! With some email encouragement from Vanessa over at This & That (who I LOVE!) I realized I could do this MYSELF! So I headed to Lowes to pick up all the supplies I needed. Most importantly this...

My first mistake was thinking I could complete this project with a hand bottle sprayer! DO NOT attempt that at home. After 5 mad hand cramps, I decided to head to Wal Mart and splurge a whole $9 on a pump sprayer. Way worth it! It made this job %100 easier.

That with the best invention in the world.... the ceiling scraper pictured above that you can attach a bag to. It catches all the nasty stuff that falls on the floor. The bad thing about this is it gets pretty heavy after a while and you have to constantly empty the bag.

I decided to give the entire ceiling a good "one over" with the bagged scraper and then use a smaller metal scraper (about 3") to go over the ceiling a second time. This really helped with the mess. With that said I must apply a WARNING: it is still a very messy job! SOOO worth it though. Why didn't I do this a year ago?!?!

Here is a shot of where I began scraping. It is a BEFORE and AFTER picture all in itself. 
 Our bedroom ceiling was horrendous! Not only did it have popcorn texture, but there were major cracks and this lovely enclave....

 I laid down plastic over EVERYTHING.... except the chair which got super dirty. I should have purchased a step stool or something.

 After the entire ceiling was scraped, it was time to spackle the cracks...
 Once spackled (the worst part!) I painted it a very pale blue, almost white. It was Valspar's "Hotspring Green (its blue, I swear! I don't know why its called "green"). Although it really looks taupe in this picture, but keep in mind my walls are currently a bright but light turquoise. I think the lighting is messing up all the colors in this room. I am soon painting the walls with Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige.

 This is a bit more accurate to the color of the ceiling... (Look at the ceiling and ONLY the ceiling, because the rest of the room is... well... lovely can't you tell?!?!?)
 Beware: Attempting this project is comparable to the chip song "Once you Pop, You can't Stop!" After I finished the ceiling I felt that the room definitely needed a chair rail, new fan, new window treatments, etc, etc, etc...

More to come =)

Addition: This project took about 8 hours including painting. My room is pretty small, about 12 feet by 14 feet maybe..? 


  1. I've been begging the hubby to help me scrape our ceilings since we moved in 5 years ago. That popcorn crap is still up there. I hate it!

  2. I sooo need to do this in my bedroom too, but I've been a little overwhelmed about it! Thanks for posting this tutorial! How long did this take? Have a great day!~ andrea

  3. Great job!!! I know what you mean- you start out thinking you just need one small change and then it just keeps going!! ;)

  4. LOL LOL funny how it snowballs right?? That always happens to me as well! It's going to look wonderful :)

  5. I helped my dad scrape the ceiling when I was 18. It is a messy project, but makes a WORLD of difference.

  6. Oh you gave me the courage to at least go out and buy the supplies. I need to so do this.

  7. Wow!!! I can't believe how good it looks now. I love you, thanks for being awesome!!!

  8. It only took 8 hours and looks that good?? Oh how I wish I read this before spending at least as much time painting my popcorn...which of course, means it's much harder to remove! I was too afraid of what the ceiling would look like underneath, but you make even the repair work seem do-able!


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