Monday, May 3, 2010

Chair Rails and a Winner

I'm so happy every time I walk into the hall and see the new chair rail. I went a little crazy with it... I ended up doing our bedroom, the hall, and one of the extra rooms. I think it looks awesome and fresh. But before we get to that I should announce the winner from last week, SOOOO....

Thank you for everyone who participated in last weeks Give-A-Way to CSN online stores.
The lucky winner is Krissy L! Congratulations. Krissy, just make sure you send me your email address. Have fun shopping and good luck making a decision!

Okay now lets get back to this post... Can I just say how fun it is working with power tools like a miter saw. I felt like I was so cool. =)  I purchased some casing from Lowes, Tudor is was called. I got enough for my bedroom, or so I thought. But once I started I was a bit short so I went back (the next day) to get some more and what do yanno... It was on clearance for 50% off! I was able to get the difference back from the price i had previously received. With that extra money I decided I should buy a bunch and do the hall and the guest room. They only had 3 left at that store, so I bought them out and then headed to another Lowes. I came back with more molding then I knew what to do with. I was able to do all the rooms I wanted to, and still have a bit extra. I think I will go get some more, so I can finish my kitchen finally. I started to bead board the kitchen and never finished. I have A.D.D. when it comes to home improvement.

I didn't have a level, so I measured 60" down from the ceiling all along the wall, and then used a straight edge to connect the dots. This was probably better because our old house isn't perfectly level all around anyways. Then I measured the sections of chair rail that needed to be cut, and got to mitering. I cut all the pieces first, then put them up on the wall. How did I do that all by myself you ask...?

I applied some liquid nails, then taped the boards up with some masking tape. Then I used a nail finishing gun to secure them in place.

The most difficult part (and it wasn't too bad at all) was where to molding was too short for the wall, so I had to connect two together. There were many little cuts involved in this, to make sure It was "just right".

I added the following picture because it was my favorite corner. Yes, I had a favorite corner. Some needed a lot of caulk to look good.. but this one needed just a bit. I even brought Ryan in to look at this specific corner because I was proud of it.
Here is my room done, well done installing not DONE done.

After it was installed I went in with a caulking gun to finish off all the gaps. We had way too much fun with caulk jokes. I felt like I was 13 because they never got old. 

The next day Ryan and I got to painting! It was a great day because we completed a day of home improvement with out fighting! I don't know about you guys, but it seems like any time we work together on the house there is ALWAYS a disagreement to put it lightly. I think we both try to be the "boss" and think we know exactly how to do it , but not for this project. We completed the whole thing in peace! We were so proud of ourselves.

 One of us worked on painting the top color while the other worked on the bottom color. We switched around a bit, to get the trim work done too. The top color Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige needed only one coat, but the Valspar Ultra White needed three coats! The Perfect Greige came out way more than I thought. I wanted it a lot more gray, but O' Well.

More to Come!


  1. Looking so good. Don't you just feel awesome with your self? The space is going to be totally transformed...can't wait to see more.

  2. Looks great!! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  3. Beautiful!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. This is beautiful! We just bought some chair railing to install in our hallway over the weekend. Seeing how you did it will make our job easier! Thanks for posting.

  5. Check you out with the power tools!! Great job!! And yes I can see where the "caulk" jokes wouldn't get old! ;)

  6. Un excelente trabajo en equipo.

  7. I can't believe you did all of that!! It looks great can't wait to see the rest.

  8. Great job!

    My husband and I always make caulk jokes, it's just too easy :)

    I love the door knob!

  9. you are insane! it makes me tired just looking! i love your taste- wow


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