Thursday, May 6, 2010

If you get bored tonight...

Here is a little idea I stole from ALL over the blog world. Where it originated I have no idea.  I have seen these twine wrapped bottles so many times; I finally just made them one night because I was bored with the TV. I used my 99 cent store twine, and some different shaped wine bottles I had used. Its usually not too hard to collect empty wine bottles around here. ;)    I did this about 2 months ago. Better late then never I guess.

I had saved this small port bottle because I wanted to use it as a flower vase. But the contrasting size was needed, so I stole it from my vase stash. I only took pictures of making the small one, but its not like this is rocket science. It is however, a little time consuming when you are wrapping and wrapping and more wrapping. I just sat on the couch and watched whatever was on while I got my fingers all gluey. Gluey...? Someone should add that to the dictionary, it sounds nice.

Just apply glue in sections of the bottle then start working your way up towards the neck.

The "hardest" part is wrapping it around the neck where it begins to get smaller. The twine seems to want to travel upward and leave big gaps. Mine are is no way perfect, but who cares... this is twine wrapped trash were talkin' about here!
Then I cut some of the "fuzzies" off.
And put them in my china cabinet...


  1. Cute cute! I love that china cabinet! I might have to try this one when I'm finally done being pregnant and can consume some wine! That'll be a good day. :)

  2. Great job!
    I love the look!
    I love your backsplash!
    Is it tin?

  3. Great job on the bottles! I just wanted to let you know I am featuring your blog tomorrow on Featured Followers Friday :)

  4. I love this! I have a bottle waiting for me (and the twine too) to do this! I actually found one afterward (at goodwill, lol) but still want to make one anyway. Yours looks fantastic! And I have those same pearl letters!! Got mine at Michaels! :)

  5. Looks great!! See that's the difference between us- You get bored and get crafty- I get bored and come see what your up to! ;)

  6. this look is so fun! question - what type of plant is that? i am always looking for different plants that can live indoors?


  7. i like the idea with the glue. i have see one at fleamarket but i dont know the work behind of this. thank you regards

  8. wow, i flippin love that! and if i ever do that i can honestly say i stole it from YOU! never seen that done before and i am in love!! so simple!

  9. I love it, what a wonderful idea!!
    Take care

  10. Hey just wanted to tell you that I finally did this project...except I used one of those hideous free vases that comes with the dozen red roses your hubby buys you on valentines day. It looks SOOOOOOOO CUTE! i'll have to send you a pic. I also used mod podge instead of white glue and then put a diluted layer of mod podge over the top of it to seal it...its hopefully semi water resistant now. lol hope your doing well!

  11. Hey! I've been a follower of your blog (a quiet one) and miss your posts. Hope you're okay. I wanted to use one of your bedroom pictures & will link back to you. Let me know if that's a problem.

  12. New to your blog...just got done falling in love with the Antique Green Low Cabinet on your Etsy store. In my afternoon daydreams I refinish furniture and am an upholstery goddess (don't I wish?!?). Looks like your life is my daydream. Beautiful work.

  13. Hi Karli,
    I was looking for white kitchen cabinets and came across your blog. Thank you for great ideas. Also, after reading your bio, I realized we have a lot in common, I'm married to almost 3 years, getting my Master in Psychology and my husband and I just got 1949 fixer-upper, how funny... The only thing, we don't have any puppies at this time. Thank you for your blog, I'll be following and and get inspired.

  14. This is WAY COOL & surprisingly the first time I've seen it, thanks for the tip lady :-)


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