Friday, October 1, 2010

Free Nursing Cover

Thank you to those who helped me pick-out a diaper bag.  I ended up going with the Biplane white diaper bag.  I know white gets dirty fast but I read the description and it says something about a wipe-clean surface. Here's hoping. Besides, I'm assuming with a baby... everything is going to get dirty anyways.

If your not sick of baby gear yet... I found a great deal on a nursing cover-up. You can go get a a FREE "Udder Cover" from UdderCovers.com. I was browsing my local craigslist.com and read someone's post about a $32. discount (the price of an "udder cover") when you put in the promo code "cranberry2" OR "onefree". Either one works. You will still have to pay their normal $9.95 shipping fee. I have no idea how long this lasts, but it is currently working.  Side note: I am not getting paid for this at all! =)
I'm hoping my little cover will come in handy when I have to breast feed and there might be a few people around who I don't feel like flashing. I ordered the Porter one because it seemed the most nonchalant, although the Elsa is super cute too. If your not expecting these would be a cute (and CHEAP!) gift for the next baby shower your invited to. I received mine in just a few days and did not have any extra charges on my card, so its not a scam. Good news to you guys.



  1. yeah, so happy you're back to the blog, i missed your blogs so much!

  2. I just ordered one for our baby on the way due 1/27! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have done this, too! I ordered the Porter, too!! But, I did mine through a cutekid e-mail and got a "free" sling from Seven Slings! I just had to pay about 15 bucks for shipping and such.

  4. Just ordered the Porter for my SIL. I got the Seven Slings offer too! :) Deals like these make it easy to spoil someone!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!! :)

  5. I mentioned your cute chalkboard art today on my post!



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