Sunday, June 28, 2009

Egg Me On

image found at www.apartmenttherapy.com
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image found at: www.inhabitat.com

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And a simple use for an some egg crates...

A while back I read an entry from my fav. blog and had an idea.... I used real egg cartons to organize and separate my jewelry. Sherry from ThisYoungHouse used an awesome ceramic dish shaped like an egg carton.

I found this ceramic egg create for only $12.99 online (click on the image to find the store)... but I recommend just recycling cardboard crates!

image found at www.fantes.com

Instead I just used some high gloss white spray paint and painted three old cartons that each had 3 rows to them. Now I have room in my top drawer of my nightstand to store all my jewelry, and keep it nice a visible. Much better than hanging on nails that I hammered into the wall of our bathroom in our old apartment.
So if you need a new way to store your jewelry, coins, hair accessories etc. recycle Sunday mornings breakfast waste into a new store-all!

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