Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bathroom Redo still in progress


A few weeks back I showed you a "Sneak Peek" at my Budget Bathroom redo. Here is what has been done so far:
  • Painted the walls a soft spa inspired blue ($20)
  • Sanded and painted the vanity cabinets a deep brown ($12)
  • Replaced the old light fixture with a brand new, in the box fixture I found at goodwill ($12)
  • Hung two floating shelves that use to be in our old bedroom when we moved from our apartment (FREE)
  • Put up two white frames from Marshalls that I made "art" with =) I got some leaves from the backyard to put under the glass ($14)
  • Primed and painted the floors with a poly gloss to protect and make them shine (FREE, used leftover paint from other rooms and leftover poly from when I redid our hardwood floors)
  • Put up a shower curtain that I've had for a couple of years from Anthropologie and bought new shower rings on clearance at Marshalls ($8)
TOTAL so far: $66

We have also purchased some molding to frame around the mirror to make the vanity and mirror all look like one piece. We just need to cut it and put it up. In the future I would love to take the whole cabinet piece out and replace it. But I love it for now. =)
I love to cut some lavender and mint from my herb garden and put it in the bathroom for an all natural air freshener.
As you can see, we still haven't even put the electrical outlet plates back on. I love procrastination.
Painting the bathroom floors was the best thing I could have done without spending any money. Man, I hated that 80's speckled linoleum tiles. It was such an easy fix with just a little paint. The only bad part was you couldn't walk it for a few days so we would have to climb on the vanity top and stand on the toilet and then lower ourselves onto the toilet while hanging onto the shower doors. It was a funny sight.

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  1. i LOVE this!! it turned out beautiful! i love the striped floor...too funny about all the climbing.


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