Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Morning Bliss

My favorite day of the week! Saturday is here. This morning was great, I woke up to go find some deals at yard sales. When I go with my mom (we are serious yard salers), we usually get up around 6:45 for the deals. But when I feel like sleeping in I will just get up at around 8 and head around my neighborhood. Today was a sleep in day but I still found some cool stuff and only spend $14.75 all morning. Then came home to my coffee, muffin, and laptop to blog about it.

Here's my garage sale finds for the day:
Antique white cake stand

These thin queen size coverlet or tapestry if you want it ot be. Great on the bed for the summer heat. I love the colors and pattern on it.

White Starfish, I once read on www.thisyounghouse.com that you should always have a something of the sea like a shell in your room, SO when I saw this at a yard sale I added it to my pile. We aren't far from the beach but I'm not a very "beachy" style person when it comes to decorating but I must admit that I like looking over at my little white star fish.
Check out the following decor images to see if you can find the shell... This comfortably modern bedroom. Or this bathtub retreat. Or this cool desk nook. Or... this amazingly colorful living room.
Just a wicker basket, but could have sooo many uses!
These were super cool... I have no idea what I'm going to do with them yet. They are thick metal and the lady whose yard sale it was, said her daughter engraved the words on each canister. Each one says, "PADAISYROSEGERANIUMIRISTULIPDAFFODIL" Pa (I think was going to be pansy) Daisy, Rose, Geranium, Iris, Tulip, Daffodil.
When my husband saw them he said "Awesome, these are to put in the freezer and then they keep your beer really cold!" =) I couldn't stop laughing.
This super cool, thick, glass, gaint vase. Stamped "made in italy" on the bottom. I have already filled it with water and put some tree branches out of it. It looks awesome

And then I found this big soft basket which I put my "Jacobs coat" blanket in (which I got at a yard sale 2 months ago for 4$)

Yard sales are such an adventure. You go looking for one thing... today I was looking for some cheap old furniture I could redo. And you end up finding treasures you weren't even looking for. Plus you get to dig through people stuff, which I love- maybe cuz I'm so nosey!


  1. Great finds! I love the cake stand!

  2. fantastic finds!! makes me think about all the goodies i have been missing out on lately...i have not been garage sale shopping in ages ...but i am going this weekend for sure!

  3. That cake stand is gorgeous, and it looks great with the apples in it! The coverlet is really pretty too, and I LOVE how soft and comfy that blanket in the basket looks!

  4. I am so jealous of all your finds! I love that old cake stand and those neat metal things are so cool! And of course love the baskets!

  5. Great finds! Love the white piece!


  6. You did get some some deals.

  7. Fabulous finds! The large glass vase is great! Your white compote if lovely! LOL @ keeping the beer cold!

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Wow great finds...I am laughing about your hubbies comments on the cold beer !
    Hugs ~ kammy

  9. I am in LOVE with that cake stand! I love the green apples in it! I also love that little basket!

  10. i love that milk glass cake stand!!!

  11. Oh my you found a ton of great things. I love you K mug!

  12. I love garage sales! I always find the best things and often times the items are new with tags like baby clothes, women's clothes etc. It was so funny, this is my first time visiting your blog and I saw the kitchen table pic. I have the exact same fabric on the seat of my office chair! I bought it for 75% off when Calico corners had their sale. :D

  13. That cake stand is fantastic, love it. I love garage sales and op shopping on a Saturday morning. It' s the perfect way to get a house fix without spending too much...


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