Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yard Sale Shelf Makeover

About a year ago I purchased this old (once black) gray shelf at a yard sale for like $10 or maybe $15...? I used it in our old apartment for storing clothes since the only closet my husband and I had was smaller than most peoples coat closets. We brought it with us to our "new" home and it just looked sooo much dingier than I had realized. Time for a makeover! So I picked out a creamy canary yellow to go with the zen green on the walls. I figured its neutral but still colorful. I LOVE color. Its probably not a piece that I will have for a long time (most of my furniture is multiple generation hand me downs which I hope to trade up one day) so I went cheap and cheesy and SPRAY PAINTED IT! It actually turned out super good. I added a pull out drawer with some old fashion pulls on the bottom shelf area. And my FAVORITE blog www.Thisyounghouse.com gave me a great tutorial on how to arrange items on shelfs. It makes a huge difference. I love my $15 shelf!

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