Monday, July 20, 2009

Adventures in Model Homes

My Sunday was full of great things! My good friend Casey and I decided to go look at Model homes to have some free fun. I went over to her house to smell a bunch of Scentsy smells that she sells, I decided on "Lavender", "Beach", and....I forgot the third one. When I got to her house she showed me the pillow that she made from my blog (which I found at Kelly+Olive). Here is Casey showing off her "practically hand-made" ruffle pillow. She rocks.

We made a stop at Goodwill and I found some treasures! I'll post those later. I have a couple of new revamps up my sleeve. Lets just say I will be doing some sanding painting and a wee bit of uphulsering. Then we went to find one particular model home, but when we got there the development was shut down. Dang economy. We were totally bummed because it is SOOO cute inside. We found a different little track to look at though- not as good but still a lot of fun. Oh... we had a blast! To top it off, we picked up my hubby and headed to get spicey bloody mary and some appetizers! Great day.

My fav is the one of the bottom, it kinda reminds me of the Father of The Bride house.
Me, sipping fake tea.

Casey testing out the comfy bed.

I want that mirror!
This was my favorite room in all the houses. I like the chair and the red punches.
ohhhhhh awesome lamp.

A comfy little nook at the top of the stair case...

We got silly
I'm"shaving" my legs...

and Casey is taking care of some business.

Cool what they did with the molding in the corner for a "head board"
ahhh, no makeup on a lazy Sunday- whatever, the bloody mary was gooood.

Ryan, hes so great to me.
Casey enjoying yummy nachos.


  1. What a great post! And I LOVE the new header, it is so pretty. Great Job on it! Those model homes are unlike anything I've seen in my little corner of Texas - they're so posh - everything here is so bare. With lots of fake plants everywhere... ick.

  2. Looks like FUN! Love that glass lamp, that bedroom is great!

    I see you are sporting a hot pink cast..I guess your sprained ankle turned out to be more than just a sprain. :(
    hope it is to still hurting.

  3. ..hope it is NOT still hurting...xo

  4. I’m a big fan of visiting model homes too! The realtors are surprisingly nice even after they find out their not getting any money at of ya. My B-day is coming up and I’m celebrating the day with my Mom and Aunt and a bunch of model homes!

    I love that you got a HOT PINK cast...too cute!

    Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training

  5. I LOVE it!!!! haha We need to do more adventures like this! ;)

  6. Oh oh! I have my website up and running!!!! Its www.scentsy.com/caseyhardy

    I should have your stuff soon! :)


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