Thursday, July 23, 2009

And the Award goes to...

I'm so excieted! Its been a great week for my blog. I received me very first award from the lovely Julia at Open Hand Living. She is a great blogger and as addicted as I am. And was also featured twice at OnePrettyThing (a wonderful DIY blog). Rachel featured me here for my counter tops and here for my flower hair clips.

Here is my first AWARD:

It makes me happy. Thank you Julia. You rock.

But this award comes with strings attached ;)

Here are the guidelines:
1. Thank the award giver. (CHECK)
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. (CHECK)
3. Link back to the award giver. (Double CHECK)
4. List 10 things about yourself people may find interesting. (CHECK)
5. Nominate another blogs for the award! (CHECK)
6. Comment on your nominees blogs to let them know about the award. (Will do)

I'm not that interesting so here it goes... (Wake up, don't fall asleep on me!)

1. I illegally went skydiving when I was 17 using my older sisters ID. (eeek, I shouldn't have admitted that online.) It gets even better: My mom went with me! If I'm goin' down so is she. (sorry mom)

2. If I had to pick ONE man in the whole world to marry (besides my husband) - it wouldn't be Brad or Beckham. I'd go with the almost 74 year old Robert Redford.

3. I love raunchy stupid comedies that most people think are absurdly disgusting and dumb (which I guess they are) Knocked Up, Superbad, Pineapple Express, Zoolander... and pretty much everything by Judd Apatow. Its a guilty pleasure.

4. A rare but great friday night to me would be staying in, watching Sex & the City on DVD, eating Baked Cheetos, drinking wine and spray painting something.

5. One of my dreams is to have a "Puppy Farm". A big lot of land where all the dogs who don't have homes could come and live, play and snuggle!

6. I want LOTS of kids like 4+. I say that- but I don't have any yet, so that definitely might change after I have one. =)

7. When I was little my childhood friends and I started a "neighborhood newspaper" where we would spy on neighbors and then make up stories about them, PRINT it and then put it on everyones door step. The Harrisburg Herald. I'm still too nosey for my own good. Which is probaly why I love blogs so much, because you get to peek into somebody's life.
8. I won a scholarship in 8th grade to go to Japan as a foreign exchange student. An amazing experience.

9. I LOVE Tattoos but don't have any. Skin commitment issues. Halloween last year is the closest I got:
10. I totally stalked my husband before I ever met him, on at least 4 occasions. I kind of stole a picture of him out of his house while babysitting his little sister. Hey, it paid off.
So there ya go!
And back to the guidelines... here is number 5:

1. I chose Knack who does the most amazing makeovers with old furniture. Here is a recent sneak peak. Anytime I need inspiration, her blog is the FIRST place I go. Her style is amazing, soft and spunky. *sigh* I could live in her studio. I recommend you go check it out.

3. And we have the ever passionate Kara over at Made 2 Create, she sold me with her super budget makeover that turned out great. I love the colors. This makeover makes me very sad that I don't have a fireplace. When you check out her blog, get a look at her buff arms! Work it girl.


  1. i'll probably be arrested now! robert redford has all those bumps on his skin, eek! puppy farm yeah, i found a puppy yesterday on buena vista and then found him a home! kids, YES, grandkids for me but i'm not mentioning it!! you forgot to mention what a craft queen you were when you were little. remember the candles, the amish bonnet, friendly plastic?, and more!!! i love you!!

  2. thank you ,thank you friend for the award! You are to sweet to me and you are making me blush......

    Your wedding dress and photos are so fantastic! xo

  3. Yay for your award! I love the stuff you shared. A post about meeting your husband would be sooo cute to read. I'm saving that for later on. I'm going to be a bad influence for a minute and say - Don't be afraid of tattoos! I've never mentioned it on my blog but I have one and will be getting another soon (I hope).

  4. Karli thank you so much for thinking that my work and I are worthy of such an award!! I really appreciate it! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the bohemian rooms you posted! So much color and texture, I could examine them for hours!!


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