Thursday, July 23, 2009

I need HELP with my armoire

I need help! I've come to a roadblock. Usually I'm okay with making decisions regarding my home, but not with this. Tell me what you think...

I have this armoire that I just moved from my bedroom...

into my living room...

(note the furniture pads are still on the feet of it) I think I like it a lot better than what was there- just a desk with an antique chest under it...I think I want to PAINT the armoire. Its stained a dark cherry color that matches my sleigh bed and one nightstand that came with my husband when we got married. =) Not a huge fan-of the dark cherry that is. I think everything looks great painted, but I'm not sure if it would ruin this. I'm just not a fan of this color wood. And if I did paint it I'm not sure what color. Maybe a creamy white and then distress the edges so it looks more antiqued? Or maybe like a robins egg blue like the one below (which is gorgeous!), or a creamy white and distress it a bit? I'm so lost.

Here are some inspiration pieces that I love...

This is not quite an armoire but with the wooden bling bling on top, it totally pulls off the look. So creative and unique.

From the home of Stacy Leighs Atelier

Mmmm... these mirrors are delicious.

ohhh pretty....

From the office of Viv from ish and chi blog

I love built-ins that look like furniture, like this green painted kitchen "armoire", or hutch I guess.

I WANT this one in my bedroom... (even tho it will take up about half of it)

image from KnackStudios. (LOVE them)

I came across this 19th century one... It looks like it came off the Pirates of Caribbean boat. =)
Craaazy, but I kinda like it.

The chicken wire on this antiqued armoire gives it an old country look, like it was your grandmas. =)

image from Thomasville

I loove this white armoire/ china cabinet with a blue background.
image from C.Bell


  1. ok i know you're just waiting with baited breath for MY opinion so here goes. i think you should put it back in your bdrm and leave it alone, it matches the rest of the set and it kind of blocks the view to your wonderful windows, the vocal point of your home. however, realizing that you never take your mother's advice, if you HAD to paint it i'd paint it a distressed antique white but you'd need to add some ?? appliques on it to give it a more chippy look. the style as is is too modern for your taste and it needs to be distressed. the robin's nest blue is a great color but you don't want your livingroom to look like rainbow brite. don't overdo it. you'll do the right thing! mom

  2. Hey Karli - I like the cherry wood. Have you seen Centsational Girl's entry? That's the kind of look I see for the top of the armoire, and you could just change out the knobs. But, if you want to paint it (and from your mom's comment you're taste run otherwise from the current armoire look) then distressed white with appliques would be way pretty.

  3. it doesn't block n e windows...? I'm thinkin about white distressed...?

  4. if you stand in the east side of the room wouldn't it block out some of the window closest to it depending on where you stand?

  5. I think I like it better in the bedroom as well. To me its more of a bedroom piece. :) I liked the desk with that old trunk!

  6. Hi Karli! I linked to this post today that showed your $10 beauty of a rug. I'd been eyeing that one for a while at Target and I bought it on clearance this weekend. It wasn't as great a deal as yours, though! Hope you don't mind! : ) Here's the link: http://vanessadolberry.blogspot.com/2009/09/12999-rug-for-3274.html

  7. I painted my amoire white and I love it. My husband was unhappy until he saw the finished product. Took a heavy piece and made it light and chic. Totally changed the room! Since this is a very old post, I am wondering, did you ever paint this?


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