Monday, July 27, 2009

Before & After: Goodwill Mirror

I'm back with an update on one of my icky little finds. I haven't gotten to the chair yet...

Last Sunday I found this mirror at Goodwill for $6.50. I knew it had potential, or at least I hoped it did so I snagged it up. I taped the mirror part up really good and got to spray painting. After about 4-5 coats (I wanted it to look really lacquered) I was done. And now for under $10 I have a "brand new" piece for my house, and a fun little project. I'd love to see some of your guys spray painted goodies!

In our backyard sprayin' it up! Please excuse our lack of grass. = ) We're getting to that.

Hopefully you can learn from my mistake: I tried to get the painters tape in between the mirror and the frame, so it was sealed up really good. There was a bit of a gap between the glass and the wood in some spots I was able to get the tape about 1/3 -1/2 inch under the wood but it was very hard to get it out once it was painted. I had to get a sharp little knife and dig, pull, slide, etc. under the frame for about 30 minutes to get all of the tape out. But hey, there wasn't any paint on the mirror though. Lesson learned.



  1. Pretty! Can't wait to see where it goes in your home. I like it a lot actually.

  2. are you going to antique it at all?

  3. Love how they turned out. I have three mirrors that I'm going to have to do now. What type or brand of paint did you use?

  4. Looks amazing! I absolutely LOVE the detailing at the top!

  5. Love this... I love your little side table too... Cute, cute!

  6. looks awesome. you improved it by 29920%!

  7. Lovin' this, girl!!! Isn't it amazing what a can of spray paint can do?! I'll be back!


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