Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Here is a little bit of an update on our 1170 sq foot house since we moved in a little over 4 months ago. I constantly get overwhelmed with alllll the things that I want to do to our house. Sometimes its a good thing to sit back and look how far we have come. I tend to be a glass is half empty kind of person unless I remind myself otherwise, which is essecially what this post is all about.
Truth is, I wouldn't be happy unless I had a TO DO list of projects anyways!
So to make myself calm down about all the things I would like to revamp...here is a little update of how things are looking since we moved in.

Living room:

Our humble little hand me down living room...

New ceiling fan from Ryans parents (it was in his little sisters room but when they put in a canopy bed, the fan had to go.)
Ryans brother Brandon and sister in- law Misty gave us our couch & coffee table/ottoman, which was a hand me down from Ryan & Brandons parents.
I found two white chairs from ikea on craigslist for only $15
My makeshift end table between the two chairs is obviously two baskets from target stacked with a tray on top. =) Ghetto fabulous, I know!
And that AMAZING rug (one of my fav things in our house) I found at Goodwill for only $15 still wrapped up from target.

Hopefully this will be our next Before pic in a year or so. =)

Our dining room when we moved in looked like this, the table came with the house which I revamped up in this post. The first thing to go was that wood and brass nasty chadelier.

I replaced it with this great pewter antique looking tear drop chandelier that I found on ebay for only $80 including shipping. Can't beat that. I was playing around with some window treatment and had that dark wooden shade to see how I liked it, but it was too dark. I opted for white panels from JC Pennys on sale for only $19.99 per pair.

Entry way/Living room:


  1. You've done such a nice job, Karli! I really like the dining room and how light and airy it looks. The chandelier is a huge score on your part! Can't beat ebay for finding things at good prices.


  2. I think your living room and dining room are both spectacular Karli! I love that rug... way to go on decorating frugally but fashionably! Love it!

  3. Oh, so I wrote some blog love about this post at my blog - and I really love your dining room at second glance. So simple and elegant.

  4. Everything looks so great now! I love your baskets and tray side table. And I can't believe what a steal that rug was!

  5. Gorgeous!!! The dinning room is my favorite.


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