Thursday, July 9, 2009

I love this house by Nancy Lendved

One of my all time favorite pictures that inspires me.

Have you ever moved into a house? Well of course you have, even if it wasn't technically your house. But have you ever moved A HOUSE?? I sure haven't.
Check out this amaaaaaazing 4,000sq ft home was moved onto an old cotton farm surrounded with 50 acres of wonderfulness. (dream) This house was once featured on design sponge and I've been dreaming of it ever since. And its for sale, here! If your have half a million dollars and want to live in Winterville (outside of Athens, Georgia) then you could be a quaint lil country peach! (said with a southern accent of course)

The house at the new ground site, all in pieces.

All in one piece.

The colors in the house are beautiful, it makes all the antiques look a little bit more fresh. It inspires me to use yellow. I love that it has curtains over the cypress french doors that came from New Orleans. The rug grounds (no pun intended... ok maybe it was) this whole room together I think. Is that from anthropologie?

Dining room/library. A friend of the owner custom made these book cases to look as if they were original to the house. Could have fooled me. The ladder makes this, I think.
Its like beauty and the beast, anyone feel me?

Gorgeous porch view.

Hand scalloped trim! Wow.

Look at the ceiling... so cool.

Cutest little guest house with its own vintage stove. I love all the colors including the orange stairs and yellow cabinets.

I don't know about you but something about this house make me want to eat some pie on the front porch while someone plays a harmonica.

Pictures found at the homes own website OwnBigOldHouse, and at OnlineAthens.

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