Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh! for the Love of Shutters

When you add shutters to a house, (to me) the visual happiness goes up about 10 notches. I LOVE shutters. They wouldn't work out on my house because of the window placement. =( But everytime I see shutters on a house, it makes me a lil' jealous.

Image found at Country Living

image from Larson Shutters

image from cote de texas blogspot

image from nonstopflights on flickr

image from countryliving.com

image from countryliving.com


  1. should have taken a pic of our house and buena vista!!

  2. I have shutters that are in needing of a good painting... Posted pics, but you can't really tell. I'm willing to mail them to ya! HeeHee!

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