Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Can't get enough...Anthropolgie Clearance

About a month or two ago, I ordered the cutest little tablecloth from Anthropologie (online). I waited with excitment as I knew it would be here the next Tuesday. Well Tuesday passed and so did Wednesday and Thursday. I went back to check up on my online order and what do yanno- they canceled it on me. I received a short little apology email stating that they no longer had them in stock. ("Then take it off your site!" I thought) I was not a happy camper. I had waited and waited for it to go on clearance, taking a big chance that it might never be marked down. But then...It was marked down to $49.95! from around $78. So you can imagine when they accepted and then canceled my order, I was not thrilled with Anthropologie for quite a few weeks.
And then... (drum roll please) I FOUND IT! While visiting a friend in San Fransisco I found one, tucked way back in the farthest corner of the store tucked away in a basket of clearance items. It was destiny. We were meant to be together. Okay sorry, a little too dramatic?
She came home to live in my kitchen with all my mismatched mess of chairs.

Last weekend while in Orange County visiting an ol' college roommate I found these bad boys...
I have been trying to find some really cute teacups at thrift and antique stores, but everything has been the same china pink flowers and bla. I grabbed 'em up and headed straight to the register.

They are on their website right now. Click here to be directed.

They inspire me to drink more tea instead of coffee.

They're too pretty to hide away in a cabinet. When I'm not using them they are out for all to see in my dining room.


  1. i loove that table cloth. super cute! those cups are cute too.

    i can so relate to your story except mine didnt have a happy ending!

    i ordered a swimsuit. of ourse the top and bottom don't come together so when i had to return the top for a different size, of course they didnt have it. i received a check in the mail from the store for the amount they charged me. they said they no longer had that top. now, im stuck with just the bottoms.. wish i had the wrong sized top now instead of no top!

    anyway.. you were at *my* anthro it sounds like. did you go to the irvine anthro or fashion island?

  2. Cute tablecloth! Okay, your chairs around your table remind me of Monica's on Friends! : ) Super cute!

  3. Adorable table cloth, chairs and cups. I love love love Anthropologie.


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