Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The ole apartment

A mess of color... :)

Before we lived in our house, we lived in a tiny little 500 square foot apartment downtown. There was one little bitty closet, about the size of a small coat closet in most homes. Once we got married and Ryan moved in... we shared that little closet. eeeek. It didn't have AC and in the summer it gets to be about 105 degrees at times here in good ol bakersfield, calif. The swamp cooler didn't do much after it hit about 90 degrees. It was so old and run down, we had a mini fridge with an ice box inside - no real freezer. But I LOVED that place at times. We had a lot of friends that lived right next to us, or above us, or in our back yard. (the back house) It was full of my garage sale/goodwill/hand-me-down finds.

1 comment:

  1. This place was adorable! I can't believe how similar that chair you had is to the one I just picked up. I am really excited for it to dry (i just shampooed it) so I can bring it inside and use it!


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