Sunday, July 12, 2009

Price My Space Party!

Thanks to "the Nester" over at The Nesting Place, I am joining in on the Price my Space Party! I chose my favorite room in the house - my Dining Room. We just moved in about 4 months ago. We are young and broke and not much of our money gets to go towards the house (yet). Lets get to pricing...

1. Chandelier
One of the first things we did when we moved in was replace the chandelier. There was a wooden and brass fixture from the late 70's there before. Ewww it was bad. After looking online for quite some time (as to find the best deal of course) I came across this bad boy on ebay for only $85 including shipping.

2. Curtains
All together there are 8 panels. They came in sets from JCPenny's on sale for $19.99.. So total $80 for 8 panels.

3. Table & Chairs
These were left my the previous owners of the house when we moved in 4 months ago. I painted the chairs (haven't gotten to the table yet), and recovered the chair cushions. You can see more pictures from the revamp here. I got the fabric for 50% at Joannes fabric store, I think I spent about $20 to redo the chairs- paint, staples, fabric and all. I also ordered the "scarlet pimpernel tablecloth" from anthropologie that I've wanted forever. (its over there -----> on the right side of the screen in my wish list) Including shipping it was a big splurge for me, coming to $62. I decided to trade me "hair did" money for it, so I'll be quite rooty (i know its not a word) for the next few weeks. But we won't add that in yet because it won't be here till about Tuesday, I'm so excited.

4. Bookshelf
I picked this up at a yard sale quite a while back. I painted it a creamy yellow and sanded the edges down so a bit of black would show through and look distressed. I paid $10 or $15 (?) at a yard sale. And just a few bucks for spray paint.

The 3 topiaries are from Ross for $6.99.
The wooden framed photo of the young woman is my great grandmother and was given to me by my grandpa. (the rest of the picture frames were given to me)
Gray framed birds nest picture from Marshalls, $12.99.
Red candle, the best smell in the world, was a Christmas gift from one of my regular makeup clients.
The white ceramic artichoke is from Marshalls for $8.99.
Books: I've had for a while.
Round vase, recycled glass from Marshalls for $4.99.
Basket is full of scrap fabric that I've used around the house.

5. Bench
This was something else that I found in the garage when we moved in. It was white a pale wood, with 70's tone textured stripes on the fabric. I painted it the same color as the shelf, and recovered the cushion in a Waverly damask fabric that I also got for 50% at Joannes. Then I just threw on some pillows that I had on the couch. Total cost less than $10.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The biggest transformation is always paint! I chose Glidden's Zen Mist, so there's another $22.

Wow, that was fun to add it all up. I knew I was on a tight budget, but I didn't know it was that cheap. Now I want to go and add up my whole house!


  1. What a pretty room. Can't believe you got that chandelier for under $100! What a great deal. Love it. :-)

  2. I love that bookcase and chandy! Yellow is my latest favorite paint color.

  3. Great chandelier!! And the fabric on the bench is so cute :)

  4. Hi again! Thanks for visiting! I posted awhile back about our new kitchen...check it out sometime!


  6. Your room is lovely! You've done such a good job transforming your pieces with paint. Can't wait to see the table all done--it's going to be gorgous. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi hon, I need you to relink directly to this post. Click on the title to this post and then cut and past all the stuff in the address bar--thanks!

  8. Pretty room! Your chandelier is gorgeous, and I LOVE your shelf and the way you arranged everything!!! :) Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. :)

  9. Your room looks great! How wonderful to have found that bench and the table set left at the house! I've never been that lucky! Is your wall color a blue or green?? I like it!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  10. Beautiful transformation! Isn't it wonderful to walk into a room that you love without worrying (or feeling guilty) about how much it costs?

    You got a steal on that bookshelf. I would have fought you for it, lol!

  11. You've done a great job in 4 months (it took twice that to pull my home together last time I moved)! Also, I love those floors.

  12. Your room looks just beautiful. You must feel very glamourous when sitting at your table under that gorgeous chandelier. Amazing job with the bench too! Clever, clever. Meredith xo.


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