Sunday, August 9, 2009

Anthropologie Flower Necklace

I have a confession, I splurged. You know how in magazines they always have the "Splurge" and "Steal" versions of something. I rarely even look at the splurge item. I'm all about a steal! When I was in San Francisco I was feelin frisky and fell in love with this necklace from anthropologie so I bought it! I can't wait to wear it. Its quite a statement. Compared to all their other necklaces it was actually quite a STEAL! So I feel good about it.

Here are some other great fabric flower necklaces to peek your interest:

This yellow necklace is from ShopRuche.com...

The following necklace is from White Owl on etsy, she has great stuff!

from lizzies fortunate jewels


  1. Karli,
    I don't blame you...it's a beautiful necklace! I know you'll get loads of compliments. It's really neat.


  2. pretty Karli! Can't wait for you to post on an outfit involving that gorgeous necklace!

    Would you do a fashion post?

  3. Yes, I would love to! Thanks for the inspiration.


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