Thursday, August 13, 2009

DIY: Cake Stand

Sunday at Goodwill I found an on old silver tray and a silver candle holder. I had separate plans or them, but once I got home and sat them next to each other.... (light bulb)

I decided to E-6000 them together to make a unique little cake stand.

Total cost: $2.50


  1. GORGEOUS! I love it. You must link it up to Kimba's DIY day so lots of others can see it and love it too!

  2. Karli! It's genius! I love that tray and to make it into a cake stand really makes it wonderful. Good job!!!


  3. i would have NEVER thought of that. i love it. super cute idea!!!!!

    i can never find cute things at thrift stores!

  4. dad has some good silver polish cloths that you can use, super cute!! e6000, the best!


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