Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bust Found

Guess what I found? Okay, remember the post I made about wanting a bust for my house? Well at a yard sale, I found one for 2 bucks.

It is a distressed brown, but I think I'm gonna maybe paint it a chalky white.
Or keep it?


  1. cool! i would paint it...but that is only because all the ones that have caught my eye have been white or gray. the brown is nice, but seems to me to be more in keeping with a garden, rather than indoor decor. but that might just be me??

    if you do decide to paint it...let us see how it comes out!xo

  2. Good for you! Can't beat the price. I'm into white...so I say go for that. But that's just me! Have fun with it!


  3. I vote paint. How great that you found what you wanted! Oh, and I will keep blogging - I just have to write my posts quite a bit in advance.

  4. WOW, mine cost a LOT more than that!! :)


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