Friday, August 7, 2009

Ghosts in the house

I want a ghost chair real real bad! But man- they're soo expensive. I'm waiting to find a great deal. Since they're pretty much invisible they go with anything! They make my heart beat a little bit faster.
Eat you heart out with these juicy inspirations...
image from www.allmodernlighting.com

image from decor pad

image from patricia gray inc

I like how this room would be totally heavy and all over vintage without the touch of the ghost chair. Man, I really want one!
Philippe Starck

I like the two opposite styles of chairs next to each other.

image from flikr

A little pop of color, and it gives it a similar effect with the mirrored table behind it.
image from Kaboodle

The colors of this kitchen make me happy, I'd like to cook in there.
image from decorpad
Add a little comfort with a cushy pillow...
image from house to home
...Or an all over damask full pad.
image from Mimi O'Connell

Okay, so its not a ghost chair, but same idea right? I love this.

1 comment:

  1. Did you know they sell "ghost" chairs on overstock? They're not Stark, but they're ghost chairs. Maybe they still have them.


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