Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Style

As per request of Julia over at OpenHandedLiving I've come up with a fashion post. After all, it is Fashion week. I've been playing around and came up with a new outfit for fall. I tried to base it on things I already had in my closet, like the cowboy boots and a similar red sweater although this one here is way cuter. Comfort is key to me, and I don't believe in sacrificing comfort for fashion. I love coming home and switching into comfy sweats anyways.

The picture only shows up itty bitty size, so you can click here to view it in full. I tried to keep it tied to a "room" as my inspiration.

Hope you like it!


  1. Tres Chic - love it! That cardigan is so pretty.

  2. Very neat pieces. I love the jeans and top. Hannah and I are going shopping tomorrow. Hope to get some funky 50yo lady fashions! ;-)


  3. love the ruffle top but my boobs are too big to wear ruffles, LOVE the purse, where'd you find that?? are those the boots you bought in Georgetown?


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