Thursday, September 10, 2009

White Kitchen Cabinets

image from decorpad.com

When we moved into our 1947 house, it had the original wood plain cabinets that had been shellacked over a few times. Eeeek. It was horribly outdated. We didn't have the money to put new ones in, so we just painted them a creamy white and put all new hardware on them. Now that the cabinets are done, and nothing else, I've been searching high and low for some white cabinet kitchen inspiration.

I really like the brown accent wall in this kitchen. It warms up all the white and pulls together the awesome tile job as well.
I'm a sucker for black and white diamond floors. I want to do this! Love the colors of this kitchen.


  1. Valspar's milk chocolate is my favorite brown. I heart it and it would look so yummy with white cabinetry.

  2. I would like to have white cabinets. I'd paint ours, but what we really need to do is remodel the kitchen. If/when we do that, I'll probably get white cabinets. It makes the kitchen so fresh and clean looking.


  3. We have white cabinets and I just painted the walls a buttery yellow, it's yummy. I think I'll make a diamond patterned drop-cloth rug for the floor - thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hi - I love the kitchen with the checked floor! Can you tell me your source? I'm wondering what material they used on the floor?

    Thank you!

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