Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rocky Bella Joins Etsy

     Rocky Bella now has a store on Etsy! Drum roll please.... here it is!  I'm really excited, its been a work in progress for a month or so. I'm glad to announce its arrival to all of you. Hopefully it will grow in the future, including many more furniture pieces as was as unique little finds for your home. I had my first sell yesterday and it was a mini rush for me. =) 
     I'm always open for suggestions and would love to hear from you about it. All of your comments have been so great to read. I love hearing from you.


  1. Good luck, Karli! I'm gonna go check out your shop now...


  2. don't sell those red plate on stands, those are mine!! really carly don't sell those okay?

  3. sounds good! I've been thinking about doing the same thing with all of the GOOD things I find at different thrift stores.


  4. Good luck!
    How did you come up with the shipping price for the furniture? I keep meaning t get started on an Etsy shop, but things like shipping really throw me for a loop.

  5. You've been a busy girl! Congratulations on the opening of your etsy shop! It looks like a place I'm going to be browsing! :)

    Stop over to see today's post. I tagged you for an award. :)

    AND - you missed this post last week or so:


  6. I am so happy for you! How very exciting Karli, congrats on all your hard work.

  7. Oh, and Karli... you really should sell prints of some of your fab pics. You took one a few posts down of some muffins on a cakestand by an anthro teacup. I would love such a print.

  8. Hi Karli! Visiting from the DIY Showoff. How fun that you have the Etsy shop now. I'll have to check it out from here.
    pk @ room remix

  9. I'm part of the DIY party. I signed up as a follower and hope you do the same.

    Its So Very Cheri

  10. I am so excited. I have been following you lovely blog for a bit of time now. I have an ETSY shop and had to check your out yours. And there it was, the perfect little, green, a bit shabby letter holder! Ordered, paid for. Enjoy your shop. I love my little ETSY ventures. Hope you love yours! Best wishes!

  11. Going to check out your ETSY shop. I haven't been on ETSY since I started blogging, so I hope you don't start me back on that time-sucking clickfest again. Still, going to your site now... and good luck to you.

  12. Yay, I came back and didn't go clicking into the Etsy-ether for 5 hours. Just visited your shop. You showed beautiful furniture. Wish I could get the sexy mid-century chairs right now but shipping'll kill me. And I love the little bird doorpulls you put on the distressed white piece. You have a really great eye and your shop looks as great as your blog. I'll keep coming back to both and thanks for the inspiration.


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