Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Autumn is in the Air

We just moved into our first house in March after being married for almost a year. I'm excited to decorate for the seasons in our first home together.I've been seeing some really great ideas on Fall decor out there. Check out OnePrettyThing for a load of ideas. Two great "fall roundups" here and here.

Welcome to my house, I think this is the first photo that I've posted of my front porch. We have plans to paint the wood deck white to match the railing and door. Another day.

 Mr. Goodwill skeleton hangin' out with some pumpkins by the front door.

Kitchen table, with some vase fillers from Michaels and apothecary jars I've had.


That is pretty much it for now. As a new homeowner/wife I've just begun working on my Holiday collections. I love to decorate for the holidays so I'm keeping my eyes open for some good cheap decor ideas and shopping deals.


  1. I LOVE your decor! I have all these old wine corks that I've been saving for a cork board but I don't have enough yet....I'm gonna put them in a vase in my Fall display too! Thanks for all the inspiration...your blog is a daily stop for me!


  2. So cute! I think we have the same wreath! lol I'm working on a crafty fall decoration...I hope to have it done tomorrow so I'll send you a pic! ;)

  3. Lovely! The skeleton makes me smile!

  4. Karli,
    I'm a new "fan" of yours..love your blog and visit frequently! Looks like you're having so much fun decorating your first home...thanks for all the GREAT ideas.
    I saw all your beautiful pumpkins and it reminded me what I did one year...I leave my pumpkins whole too when I decorate and it's amazing how long they will last outide. One year I left them outside throughout Thanksgiving because of the fall colors. And still there was no rotting. So I painted them all white and stacked them like snow men up against the house and decorated them with caps and scarves...I had some small faux christmas trees that I set next to them. Looked very sweet as christmas decor. Of course this is only good if you don't carve them.

  5. Hi Karli,
    I'm from Bakersfield and know your mom from many years ago and recently got reacquainted on facebook. Thanks for reading the post on my blog and leaving a comment!

  6. I love all the seasonal decor you have created. I really like your sense of style..the front door and pumpkin look beautiful....thanks for sharing...I will be back....come visit

  7. love the fall touches inside of the jars : ) I did the same!

  8. Love your apothecary jars and what you chose to put inside of them.


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