Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Weeks Thrifty Finds

I'm back with some more great thrift store finds. The more & more thrifting I do, the "cheaper" I get. The other day at a local thrift store I found this beautiful vintage print of some botanical with an aged wooden frame. The frame was in aweful condition but the large print was gorgeous. It was marked at $10. I wouldn't have even thought twice about buying it if the frame was workable, but it needed to be replaced. So I asked if they would take a couple bucks off the price since the frame was broken and wrecked. The answer peeved me. "NO, because it is one in only ten originals of a set that the artist painted."   Ummm.. B.S.!  It was not original, not even hand painted (it was a print) and it definitely wasn't something "special" - just old & pretty. I was a little insulted by the obvious lie.  I said "Thank you", and left. That was a few weeks ago and I still think to myself... why didn't you just get the dang print?  Principle, I tell myself, but really the answer is because all my thrifting is making me cheap! =)    I need to work on that.

 Remember my DIY terrarium from this post?

 Well at Goodwill I found this terracotta extra large "candle holder" for $1.25. I thought of my terrarium and how good it would look as the new base once it was freshened up a bit.

I gave it a few coats of black spray paint in a satin finish....


 And now it looks just a bit more sophisticated instead of using my dogs vintage water dish. =)


At a Garage Sale I found this thick glass hurricane marked for $3 and they sold it to me for $2.
It never hurts to ask.



And while we're talkin' glass hurricanes, this  $2.25 one from Salvation Army is a bit smaller but perfect for my coffee station on my kitchen counter. I put a candle in the center and filled it with some coffee beans.



Next, I found this white decorative clock for $1 at a yard sale. She doesn't have a home yet, I'm waiting until my kitchen gets painted and then I'll hang her in there.


At the same yard sale, my mom found this for me. I'm not sure how much it was because she bought it. I think around $1-2. Its an old wooden organizer.  It doesn't serve a a purpose yet, but I'm going to find a great place for it soon. I think it would be cute with a mini terracotta in each section and grow different herbs in each one. Maybe I will paint a chalkboard label on each terra cotta pot and write "Mint", "Chives", etc in chalk. 


  1. i love everything you found! especially the clock! And i know exactky what you mean by getting more cheap due to thrifting...i went to get my nails done, which i hardly ever do... and they wanted to charge me 3$ extra for white tips ...needless to say that was too much so i walked out...HAHA! so you're not the only one!i ♥ your cofee table..it's so cute! and i love the coffe bean idea...may just have to do that myself :)

  2. I love your stuff!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the wooden organizer. I have nearly that exact same one. For years it's just been hanging out with no purpose. Please inspire me.

    Check out my great finds (at my very own yard sale!).

  3. you missed some GREAT yard sales today missy! and i paid $1. for the wooden thing. i had to leave early but we got some super neat stuff, cheap!!

  4. You have such a great gift of "seeing" something before it's redone.
    I must have been out doing something, when God handed out your type of creative gift.

  5. I love that wooden organizer - I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  6. Great style, I also love all these things.


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