Sunday, November 8, 2009

Camera-less... but heres my hutch

My camera has been at Ryans office all week and I've been blog-less. =(   I only have these three pictures for now, but there are more to come. I painted this salvation army china hutch that I picked up on clearance for $30. I chose a really like gray, with a brown/gray glaze over it, after some distressing of course. I can't wait to show more pictures of it- much better pictures. I think it might be my favorite piece of furniture in my house.

I painted the inside the exact same colors as our living/dining room walls. Mainly just because I already had some of that paint - so I wouldn't have to spend any money on that part. I think it makes it looks like it belongs there. When it was all done and Ryan and I moved it into its "spot" we realized it didn't quite look right. So we thought we could try out angling it out from the corner - it looks a little odd there but its the best that will work for now I think. It seems to fit in now.  It gave me a great reason to finally unpack our wedding china. I probably wont use them for years but I like just having china, I'm not sure why. It makes me feel like maybe one day I will have a huge Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Not that I have ever cooked on Thanksgiving. : )

I'll update soon with much better pictures - hopefully. Ohh... and I got an electric fireplace off craigslist. Its awesome. Again, pictures to come once I get my camera back.
Hope you all had a good week.


  1. Your hutch is beautiful! What a steal for $30! Great job!


    (you can e-mail me at rubymoondesigns@gmail.com!)

  2. More pictures, please! That's exactly the paint finish I want to do to our bedroom suite. Your china looks great in there :)

  3. I love how this hutch turned out! It's so funny...I have the twin for this one as well. We seem to find the same 1970's reproduction French furniture. Craziness. Maybe we should do posts together where we put our twin pieces side by side to show people different takes on the same piece!


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