Monday, November 16, 2009

A Place for my China...finally

I'm back! I've been computer-less for what feels like FOR-Ev-ER. And now I can share more about my China Hutch redo. If you want to read about my first post on this hutch click here (warning the photos are terrible though). I unpacked our wedding china for the first time - and we got married May 08. We just used it for the first time for a bagel breakfast. It was a little comical and a little romantic. Mostly, I just like to look at it now that its on display in its new little home...

Here it is sitting in Salvatin Army waiting for me to save it for mearly $30.

Here is a before of the dining room. This was taken very shortly after moving in.

Awful lighting, but here it the room After!







  1. Looks great!! I begged to put china on our registry (April '08) and we have yet to use it.... but that doesn't bother me a bit!! :)

  2. It is absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. How nice that you finally get to display your pretties! And in such a beautiful piece of furniture! Did you paint that yourself?

  4. I love the distressing on your hutch!! You did a gorgeous job! And I love the way you styled the inside with the trays. Good job lady!

  5. love your china cabinet and your china is beautiful!

  6. Hi Karly...

    Just read the sweet note that you left for me on my faux fireplace project...thank you so much for coming by and for leaving me such sweet comments!!!

    My friend, I just adore your china hutch! You did a beautiful job transforming that piece and your wedding china looks fabulous displayed in it! I know that you are elated to finally be able to unpack it and be able to see and enjoy it!!! Girl, you have a beautiful dining room...I love your style!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  7. Your hutch looks awesome!! I'm in the begining stages of tackling a few of my own furniture redo projects!!!

    How long did it take you to complete this?

  8. Ooooh! It looks AWESOME! If you don't mind sharing, what colors did you use? Great job!

    Natalie :)

  9. It's a very cool piece. And your china is pretty, too!


  10. Love love love love it.

    I have been through a zillion of your posts. Well, almost a zillion.

    You have inspired me to paint some chairs.

    Then who knows what else.

    Thanks for your great ideas and for the tutorial about painting furniture.

  11. It is simply beautiful. I love the finish. I just started following your lovely blog!


  12. Really like the finish on you cabinet. It looks great!

  13. Thanks for the link! This redo is just incredible- in fact all your stuff is-- was it hard to paint? all those crevices and shelves! I look at mine and immediately get lazy. But I know it would be vastly improved if I paint it! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  14. Wow! what a great price...and re-do!


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