Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh, what paint can do...

A little elbow grease and paint goes a loooooooooong way, all the way to this...

 Beautiful custom floors for not much mullah.

Roeshel from theDIYshowoff created these beautiful floors, beginning from this...
 to this...
 With just a little paint and hard work.

 Oh The Inspiration!!!!

For those of you who don't know... Roeshel ROCKS!!! You should run... (not walk) over to her blog to be inspired with great ideas from all over..

 Here is one more that is so easy, yet I never thought of....

 getting there....

Now, don't you just wanna bust out the paint?  Here's to inspiraton!


  1. STOP IT!!! You're giving me urges to get out the paint and what I really need to concentrate on is Christmas!!! You seriously DISTRACT me! ;)

  2. lol at SweetMelissa! I know that feeling!

    Karli! Thanks so much for the feature! How exciting and what a great way to start the weekend! :) You're so sweet!

    TGIF and have a VERY Merry Christmas!



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