Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Set the Table

I decided to "set the table"... I always see tables set up in magazines, but it seemed unpractical. I decided to give it a whirl. It looks so pretty and clean, but I'm not gonna lie, it IS a little unpractical. When we eat, we move the place settings and just use one regular ol' plate. So... kinda annoying- but fun. =)
I just used our regular plates (from Walmart), they are a brown, see-thru glass (only $1 each!). Then I used our china salad plates, then a gray hors devours plate that I got at Kohls on clearance ($2.35 for four!). Topped it off with red berry napkin holders that my mother in law was getting rid of in a yard sale, with napkins from Target, and green place mats from Target.

I love the shape of the little hors devours plates, and the little dots on the edge.

 I'm all ready for a dinner party, not that I ever have dinner parties. =)


  1. Super cute! I'm with you though...not practical when you actually USE your dining table to eat at like a normal person. Who uses chargers and napkin rings when they're just eating by them selves or with their spouse? not me!

  2. looks really pretty, I bought chargers for the first time this year and love the way they look but doubt we will use them any time other than Christmas or Thanksgiving. I have those same mats:)

  3. So cute, I love to set my table for all to see. It is a pain to move it around but it makes me happy.


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