Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hand Made Valentine, Roses & Dinner for 2

Tomorrow is Valentines day, but we are cheating and making a Valentines Weekend. Today is our day together, mushy stuff and all. Tomorrow we are heading out, about an hour away to a place called Kernville with some friends to celebrate "Wiskey Flats Days". Its always a lot of fun, wild west style. I might even bust out my cowboy boots. 

I decided to go the handmade route this V-day for Ryan. My friend Melissa sent me this cute idea (click to check it out). I'm lazy though, and decided I would improvise and make it a little easier on myself. But I kinda stole the general idea, just tweaked it A LOT. So when you are thinking... that doesn't resemble yours at all.... well I know- sorry for the build up.  

I bought a bunch of Valentines day scrapbooking paper, red glitter, and some red ribbon at JoAnnas Fabric and Craft store. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do with it all, but I knew I'd figure it out by the time I got home. I just started with cutting out a bunch of hearts, gluing them together, on top of each other, and adding lots of glitter.  The first heart says "I Love..." And then every other heart can finish that sentence.... like "how you buy me wine when I'm grumpy." Or "how you take out the trash without ever being asked." I didn't have a hole punch so I stuck a screw driver through the paper (ghetto version of a hole punch), strung the ribbon through, knotted it, then made a bow.  It was a lot of fun to make, I found myself thinking of him the whole time.




My favorite part was giving it to him. He LOVED it, and his smile got bigger and bigger with each heart he read. He wanted to hang it up in the house (like it was decoration). That made my heart flutter. =) He put it up on our china hutch for all to see how much I love him. He is wonderful.
And for me Flowers. A man can never go wrong with flowers I tell ya. This morning I received a delivery of white, red, and pink roses... they smell so good. 

There was baby's breath in them too, but I took that out because I love baby's breath all by itself. It doesn't do too much for me as a filler, but on its own its lovely. 

 So really, its like I got 2 bouquets in one! 
Plus the other night I also got this gorgeous bulb when he came home from the grocery store. I guess it was a pre-valentines day flower. Or maybe because I was just in a bad mood and he wanted me not to be. Either way, it worked.

For the rest of the day we are just going to lounge around with each other. I'm finishing re-doing my coffee table while he is Wii Boxing.

 Our plans for tonight are making a delicious dinner together out of my Williams Sonoma cookbook that his sitster got me for Christmas. 

Maybe Salmon...?  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with LOVE


  1. your dad went to whiskey flats today, i stayed home and did homework :( we're going to morro bay tomorrow and bbq'ing halibut in our new trailer!! does your cookbook have a good halibut recipe?

  2. Yeah it does have One Halibut recipe...looks good. I made Salmon and it was kinda bland.


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