Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kitchen Cabinet Organized...Check

I painted my kitchen walls and, ceiling last month. Once I started with the paint, I just couldn't stop. "What else can I paint in this color?" went through my head while I was finished with the walls and holding the paint brush in my hand. I opened up the cabinets to get a glass for some water...and WA-La *lightbulb*. It came to me...paint the insides of the cabinets the same blue as the walls. I set my paint brush down and started taking everything out of all my cabinets, gave them a good clean up, then got to brushing. It only took me 2 coats; 1 on some sections. Doing this little project gave me a great chance to organize all my dishes and cabinet things like food, or in my case lack there of right now. It feels so good to be organized. I feel like my kitchen is clean, even when it is a disaster on the outside.

AFTER...I obviously needed to go to the grocery store. I guess its pretty easy to organize when you don't have much to organize.

I forgot to paint the inside of this cabinet. Whoops. The big vent kinda gets in the way anyways...

 I do love opening my cupboards now..

The color I used was a mix of my own, Somewhere in the middle of Moody Blue and Quietude - both by Sherwin Williams. 
I took off the two cabinet fronts above the sink to make a little enclave. I still need to putty up the hinge holes and paint over that spot. Pretend you can't see that part.  




  1. That made a huge difference, now you can come do mine. I just left mine dark brown stain when we painted the outsides I hate painting the insides of cabinets. We had that same annoying pipe above our stove but when we got a new stove hood to go under the cover, we bought the cheapest one we could find a $30 ventless so it didn't have to have the huge pipe. I was able to actually use the cabinet so my life is much better! Hopefully soon I'll post pics on the blog.

  2. LOVE the cabinet doors removed above the sink! Looks really cute!

  3. Really nice - love the paint color and the back splash.

  4. WOW WOW WOW! That is so fabulous! I love the paint color, the back splash, window treatment..so forth. You did an awesome job.

  5. lovin` the shade of blue/green. it`s prefect. you always make my day when you post!! especially love the 're-dos'. :)
    jenny from ohio!

  6. Well done! I love the back splash. I have been wanting to do that in our kitchen (we have a rental house right now and I figured it would be the best way to get a nice back splash without shelling out major dollars!)


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