Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rug Burn

We went to Costco last night to pick up some grub for our dinner company on Thursday night. I found a great rug for super cheap. I've been looking high and low for a LARGE rug for our living room. I didn't realize how expensive they are when you get into the large rug category (8x10ish). Costco had a bunch of 7.5'x10' rugs for $99! They say indoor/outdoor but they seem totally indoor to me. One in particular caught my eye. I really like the colors and design of it. I tried the pouty face on Ryan, but I guess we just can't buy it "right now". 

Check this lil bad boy out, or big bad boy I guess...

$99!!!! I just can't get over that. Such a great deal.


  1. Gorgeous! Its not fair that big rugs are so expensive...Walmart has some that are cheaper...but they are probably crappy quality. No bueno!

  2. That is a great rug for a great price! Hopefully you can get it soon!!

  3. We have one of those rugs in our basement! Ours is blue and brown though. I will say, one of our dogs had an accident on it, and it was super easy to clean up!

    I don't know if you get the Costco coupons in the mail, but right now there is a coupon for $20 off those rugs.

  4. That is an amazing deal for a rug of that size!!! And coupled with the coupon that Micah mentioned it's a HUGE steal! Now if only I had costco here!

  5. I saw that same rug at Costco and tried to convience my husband to let me buy it, but the pouty face didn't work for me either.

  6. Hi Karli - Thanks for leaving such a nice comment, It is so nice to hear how much you like my blog. I am glad I found yours, too.
    I can't remember exactly what I spent on the banquette. I got the best plywood I could find. So that was more expensive than a lower grade. Depending on how large you make the bench will determine how much plywood you will need. The Poplar plywood I used is hard to find, but it has a perfectly smooth finish and doesn't warp. I would go to your local lumber yard and see what is available. Sometimes the lower grades have a good batch, you just have to be picky when choosing each board. Birch plywood would be a good type too. The paint and molding cost about $80.00. I bought the bed pillows at Walmart and the fabric was a few dollars a yard to cover them. Besides the plywood, I had a seamstress make the seat cushions. That ran me about $300.00. To save $$ you could simply buy foam at a fabric store and cover it with fabric like you were wrapping a gift. Secure the ends under the foam with large safety pins. I have covered many a bench seat in this manner to save money. Like I said in my post. Building the banquette was the best home improvement project I've done.
    Looking forward to following your blog.

  7. Cute! Check out TJ MAXX if you have one out there? They are having sales on their rugs nationwide {I think, but it's worth a shot.} I saw a BUNCH in ours that were 60 bucks.


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