Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get Your Face On Party

Because I'm feeling brave...

I'm joining the Party over at The Stories of A to Z. Its a Before & After party, but its not about furniture this time. Its my face. Ahhhhh. Wait... please don't run away.

She is bearing it all for the world of blogging, well her face at least. I had so much fun looking at everyone who linked up to the party. It would be unfare not to join and I love playing with makeup. I use to work at M.A.C. (well technically I'm still employed there, just "on-call") so I've had a lot of fun applying makeup on other people. This brought me back to those days. Not that those days were long ago at all. A year maybe...?
 I'm not a full face of makeup kinda gal, only sometimes. Most days, its concealer, eyebrow powder, tinted chapstick, and mascara. Anyways, here it goes. I'm feeling brave. (deep breath)

BEFORE. I got dressed, but thats about it. I haven't even brush my hair yet.
(p.s. I'm cameraless today, so these are all taken with my scotch taped iphone.)
Time to bust out the goods.

Can you see me in the mirror? I'm waving at you. 
I dont know if you can tell from this photo, but my eyes are done (without mascara yet), and I have little dabs of foundation on my forehead, nose, and chin. I'm almost there. 
I love the "mascara face". Does anybody not look goofy putting mascara on...? I doubt its possible. 
And if you're wondering what in the heck I am doing in the little picture on the bottom left... I'm bronzng my cleavage. Hey... every little bit helps. Its a little trick I use to do to my bridal clients. But dont put too much or it will make them look really far apart. ;)

And thats it folks... Much better I think. Now if only I did this every day. Nah, I'm too lazy.
I decided to wipe off the natural color lipgloss and go for some RED. Ohhh la la. Sometimes a girl just needs some RED lipstick. My favorite: Mac Red, by M.A.C. obviously.
 I have that song stuck in my head now...
"Red red wine you make me feel so fine
You keep me rocking all of the time". 
Maybe that means I need a drink. Yes, wine will be great right now. Off I go. 
Don't forget to go over and check out everyone else's Before & Afters too! It's really fun to see people without makeup on.


  1. you look beautiful! I am sooo jealous of your stash!! I only have one mac palatte and it is 2 pans shy of full.

  2. I wish I looked that hot without make-up! I love all your images. I think the waving hello from the compact and the funny faces are my favorite. You play up your eyes So well!

  3. You look gorgeous with, or without! Great post!

  4. wow. look at all your fabulous loot of cosmetics. how fun is that!
    you look gorgeous in your befores & afters. a true beauty.

    wasn't this a great party to join. if only i had a sitter for the kids...i could paint the town red with some red lips! :)


  5. You are gorgeous and you make-up stash and case is to die for!

    This has been so fun to get to know everyone on a differnt level! : )

  6. Wow! What a fun post! I just found out about this event tonight, and wish I knew about it sooner! I really admire everybody's courage for joining in, and I have enjoyed all the tips and product recommendations! You looked great before AND after, and it was nice to meet you today! ~tina

  7. You have such natural beauty. :)

  8. So cute! Love the smokey eyes! I used to be a make up artist too and I have done a ton of weddings! Its so much fun but I too am way too lazy to do "full" make up every day. Actually I'm too lazy to do "partial" make up every day. lol. Gotta love MAC...my fave!

  9. You are too cute for words! Thank you for being brave enough to link up and share your tips. Your makeup "palette" looks like so much fun to play with. I think I'm having makeup envy here! Love the cleavage tip. I'd forgotten about that one and need all the help I can get in that area so I'll be re-implementing that strategy.

  10. You are beautiful, both before and after...I would kill for your gorgeous cheek bones! Beautiful!!!

    Blessings, Grace

  11. You are a very pretty girl! LOVE your dark hair and the red lipstick! TFS :)

  12. Ok that's just WRONG how good you look without make up!!!! ;) You might regret letting me know you were a mac woman- I feel some make up questions coming.... ;)

  13. You look beautiful even without makeup! You had me laughing at the bronzing the chest & having the song stuck in your head lol Thanks for sharing! I linked up too and am visiting everyone to cheer them on!! :)

  14. You look so good in the before Im not sure I want to scroll to the afters! (Kidding, you are beautiful)

  15. I just love make-up and am the biggest skincare junkie alive. You look like a young Priscella Presley. Beautiful. I also love your table re-vamp that Jane featured on her blog today.

  16. You are so naturally pretty, in the before just as much as the after. Yes, I do the mascara face too! fun post!


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