Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sketchy Art

I've never been much of an artist, and that's an overstatement... or under? Any ways, I'm terrible. But I can still love to look at it right? I've always had a thing for sketches, pencil or charcoal sketches. Honestly I'm not really sure if I would even know the difference. I love them though, there is something mysterious, raw, and beautiful about sketches. Without sounding like a weirdo- I really like sketches of the female body. Most look so classic. Now as far as what I would hang on my walls, I don't think boobs would really fly. =)
Even something as simple as this little tree, I love!

A little more bold...
Foggy, and mysterious.... I like it

Not sure what these are, but I like the grouping.

After the Chad Barrett post, you may be on art overload from me. I promise I have a rhyme and reason to this. See the thing is I took down the mirror that was previously hung in my living room to move it to the kitchen. It is currently hiding a huge hole in the wall as we wait for repairs to begin.  So what was I to do with the space in the living room now? Well I have another, larger mirror that I put in its place. It is not quite large enough to stand on its own, so I wanted to keep with the mess of framed art all around it. However, I'm going to need new nail holes since the old ones were placed around the smaller mirror.  And not so much black... to dark and depressing. Bring some wood in... light and dark.... Mmmmm that would be much better.


In the following photo, I just hung up frames on existing nail holes to see if I still liked the frame idea. Hence, the crazy positioning. So... no I wasn't drunk and decorating. The mirror may stay, or may go- not sure yet. It sure does give the small area a feeling of bigger space though. 

Instead of whatever random pictures I already have (like I did previously), I want to create more of an "art wall" if you will. Now, I'm no art junkie so I'm just going to put up what I like. So this post is one more step closer to finding out what kind of things I want to frame for my wall. 

Sketches are definitely in.
I want every frame to have different sizes of white matting. Also, not every frame needs to match, which is why the white matte, to tie them all together.  

More inspiration...

LOVE this

Not a sketch, but I like the idea. Must steal.

all images from decorpad.com


  1. Karli - I absolutely must disagree - you are totally and completely an artist - what you do w/ your furniture redos is nothing short of art and beauty and function all in one!

    Never sell yourself short like that :)

    And I love the idea of an art wall w/ sketches - would be really cool.

  2. Love some of these very much. Esp. love the one with the green wall and the one with the african stool. Beautiful. And your desk and chair with the tree drawing.


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