Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Before & After Search

Do you have a Before & After that you would love to share? Email it to me and I might just showcase it. I love any Before and After’s, so please send them my way. It can even just be an "after". Let’s get those creative juices flowing. I have a few up my sleeve at the moment. I've been working on a new "office room". We have a third bedroom that has pretty much just been storage until today. I'll share my (very much beginning) of the redo with you soon. Until then I hope to live vicariously through your wonderful transformation. 
If I receive enough reader input I will begin a weekly, or maybe bi-weekly (depending on the amount) showcase of reader re-do's. This can mean anything from a paper craft, furniture revamp, to an entire room redo. Anything goes! Send them this way. I've heard from Kelsey and her "Fabulously Flawed" Armoire makeover. I enjoyed it so much; I wanted to keep the action coming. 




  1. Ok now I get why you said it'd look familiar! lol. Thanks so much for featuring this...I love it so much. It definatly looks much cuter and less cluttered when its closed....maybe I should try that more often! lol

  2. Love it! Give me a few and I'll send some your way! ;)

  3. Ok just sent you two LENGTHY emails with my before and after story and photos of a kitchen I redid for a friend in 2006. ;)

  4. I'm re-doing my bedroom at this very moment.. Now that you're doing this I'll have to show you what it turns out like.


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